“The Truth About Nangs: Safety Risks and Precautions to Take” 

 May 20, 2023

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The Truth About Nangs: Safety Risks and Precautions to Take

Every year, new trends appear, and people jump on the bandwagon without knowing the consequences. One such trend is the use of nangs, also known as whipped cream chargers or laughing gas. While it may seem like fun and games, using nangs unsafely can have dangerous side effects. In this blog post, we will discuss the different aspects of nangs, their safety risks and precautions you can take to stay safe.


Nangs are small canisters that contain nitrous oxide gas. They became popular due to their use in whipped cream dispensers. However, people found that inhaling the gas can cause feelings of euphoria and relaxation, leading to their use as a recreational drug. The problem with nangs is that they are often used incorrectly, leading to dangerous long and short-term consequences.

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The Science Behind Nangs

Nitrous oxide, the gas present in nangs, is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor. It’s used in medical settings as an anesthetic and pain reliever. Nitrous oxide is inhalable, and when used correctly, it can provide temporary feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and calmness. When nitrous oxide is inhaled, it disrupts the normal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in a temporary state of hypoxia. Although hypoxia can be beneficial when used medicinally, it can have adverse side effects when used recreationally.

Side Effects of Nang Use

When safe guidelines for consuming nitrous oxide gas are not observed, nangs’ side effects can be detrimental. The users may experience short-term symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and headache. Prolonged or excessive use of nangs can result in long-term complications such as vitamin B12 deficiency, brain damage, and even sudden death due to a lack of oxygen.

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Risks of Nangs use During Pregnancy

Using nangs, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding, is particularly dangerous. Nitrous oxide disrupts the supply of oxygen to the fetus and may increase the risk of miscarriage. Inhaling nitrous oxide while breastfeeding can also cause harm to the baby since it can be found in breast milk. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using nangs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Precautions to Take When Using Nangs

If you choose to use nangs, it’s essential to follow specific precautions to avoid health risks. Here are some of the precautions you should take:

  • Only use nangs purchased from reputable and regulated sources.
  • Never inhale nitrous oxide with a bag, in enclosed spaces such as a car, and never combine nitrous oxide with other drugs.
  • Consume sufficient oxygen while using nitrous oxide- take deep breaths of fresh air in between inhaling the gas
  • Always have someone sober to watch over you while you are using the gas.
  • Limit the amount of nitrous oxide you inhale and avoid prolonged use.
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Nangs FAQs

Q. Can you get addicted to Nangs?
A. Yes, nitrous oxide is a central nervous system depressant that, when taken in high doses, can result in dependence.

Q. How long do Nang’s side effects last?
A. The side effects of nitrous oxide can last for up to five minutes, and prolonged use may result in severe effects that can be long-lasting.

Q. What is Nitrous Oxide used for in medical settings?
A. Nitrous oxide is used in medical settings as a pain reliever and anesthetic.

Q. How much Nitrous Oxide is safe to inhale?
A. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Follow the packet instructions, which usually instruct you to inhale no more than once every few minutes.

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Q. How to Dispose of Nangs responsibly?
A. Return any unused nangs to your supplier or recycle them properly.

Q. What are the short-term effects of Nang use?
A. The short-term effects of nitrous oxide use include feelings of euphoria, dizziness, and confusion.


Nangs produce temporary feelings of euphoria when used correctly but can be dangerous if not used responsibly. Prolonged nang use can have long-lasting effects such as vitamin deficiency, brain damage, and sudden death. The key to enjoying nangs safely is to buy only from a reputable and authorized supplier and observe the proper guidelines for use. Always remember that your health and safety come first.

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